Types of Sessions

Rock and Roll

Dress in clothing that you would see worn by a rock artist. Typically lot's of black, leather, jeans, long boots, mini skirts etc. Possibly dark makeup and big hair! 

Props would be musical instruments etc

Photos would be taken with lots or bright lights, spot lights, colored lights, fog. and smoke.

May want to have some pose as fans.

Here's a studio sample, but we could do much more that this.


Red White and Blue

Dress in clothing that is red, white, and blue, stars and stripes, American flag logos and accessories! Optional red white and blue makeup.

Props would be flags and anything patriotic.

Photos would be taken with fog and smoke and colored lights. Almost any location will work.

Some samples.

Callaway_Gardens-2288-Edit_ppCallaway_Gardens-2288-Edit_pp Callaway_Gardens-2147Callaway_Gardens-2147 Megan-8586-EditMegan-8586-Edit Haleigh-2763Haleigh-2763

Sports and Fitness

Dress in sports uniform or fitness attire. 

Props would be sports equipment or gym equipment

Photos would be taken with lots of bright lights, spot lights, colored lights, fog. and smoke. On location or in studio.

Some samples

24x36-banner24x36-banner 16x2016x20

Haley-4933-EditHaley-4933-Edit Spencer-5809Spencer-5809


Light Painting and Night Photography

Dress in any clothing style. 

Props would be flashlights, and various other hand held lights.

Photos would be taken with long shutter speeds, street lights, and fog. On location or in studio.

Some samples

Arabella-1887-EditArabella-1887-Edit Jessica_and_Sean-6804Jessica_and_Sean-6804

Amanda_and_Zach-6920-EditAmanda_and_Zach-6920-Edit Jazzy-9502-EditJazzy-9502-Edit

Kaptured Illusions and Trick Photography

Clothing to suite the illusion

Props would be various items needed to enhance the illusion

Photos would be taken with various items necessary to create the illusion.

Samples below


Bailey-7845-balloons-flatenBailey-7845-balloons-flaten baloon-walkbaloon-walk

Stanley_Sisters-8319-chairsStanley_Sisters-8319-chairs Stanley_Sisters-8362Stanley_Sisters-8362